Make a Magickal Carpet Deodorizer

Thursday, February 28, 2008

My roommate and I decided enough was enough. We needed to do something to help absorb the negativity, and the stale feeling that our apartment had. In our short brainstorming session, we decided that mixing up our own carpet deodorizer would be a great option. Not to mention none of our other roommates would question what we were doing. We set to work.

In our mixture, we used mostly baking soda to help absorb any stale odors that may have been lurking in the carpet. Then, we added a bit of cinnamon to give the apartment a nice homey feel, not to mention help attract harmony, love and money. Next, a bit of salt was added with a bit of lemon juice to help pick up any extra negativity we did not catch with the other ingriedients.

While mixing this concoction, I imagined everything working together to bring about a peaceful harmonious home that everyone could enjoy living in. We set the mixture out to dry (considering the lemon juice) and sprinkled the apartment in a clockwise fashion. It set for 30 minutes before being vaccumed up.

Not only does the apartment smell wonderful, I think it worked a little too well considering we found a roommate cuddling with a love interest on the couch! Try mixing up your own carpet refresher when you have the chance, just don't forget to add your own finishing touches, especially herbs or spices that will help bring about what you want. Add some visualization, and let it sit to attract what you want. Your housemates will thank you, even if they don't know what you did exactly.

Friday is almost here!

What Happened to Spring?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I thought Spring was on its way. After all, the spring birds were back, chirping and looking for food. The temperatures were starting to warm up, and tiny buds are starting to appear on the trees.

I guess not though. Or Mother Nature decided to throw a curveball our way. Had to make an evening store trip and it was snowing. Woke up this morning before my student teaching began to find everything covered and a two hour delay in affect. So I tried to get a bit more sleep before I had to go in, but I did not have much luck with that.

Seems like winter is taking its last stand.

How to Make A Wish Box-An Easy DIY Project

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Let's face it, everyone has wishes. We all have bad days, fears, wants, needs, etc. So, to help obtain those goals, wants and wishes, you can make an easy wish box that will last for years and help give you something to look at every day while you work on this goal.

To start, get yourself a small box of some kind. I used a small hinged, wooden box I purchased from a craft store for about a dollar. I also purchased small wooden embelleshments to place on top of the box. I went to town painting the outside and then the inside of the box in the colors of my choosing. I added glitter for a nice, sparkly affect, and then sealed the box so it would not chip. I glued on the embelleshments and voila. I had a wish box ready to place upon my altar or place somewhere easily accesible.

Remember, your wish box can be big or small, wooden or not. It's up to you. Just make sure the box and the decorations you use on the box speak to you. If it does not, what is the use in using those items? When you are finished with your box, feel free to use it however you wish by placing whatever you wish inside.

Happy Crafting!

What are we doing to our children?

Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm beginning to notice a trend in young females, and I definitely think it's due to our male dominated society.

Women that feel the constant need to have someone in their life. Some type of lover, and if those women do not get the type of attention they need, they feel terrible, inadequate and quite lonely. Then, ,they end up taking their frustration out on others simply because they feel the need to do so.

I've realized this mostly from a roommate of mine (but I have overhead many a coversation on the very same topic, from many other girls). Her family is quite the Christian, "my father doesn't have to do anything around the house because my mother does it all" type of family. The second someone shows this girl the least bit of attention, she becomes obssessed, staying up late, doing nothing but thinking about this guy. She gets her hopes up, only to be let down a short while later, because 'men are all the same'. They do nothing 'but treat her badly and are good for nothing'.

How are we raising our children? Especially our girls? Why are we grooming them to feel that men are the only things they need in life because it will lead to them being whole? Why are we grooming them to believe that they cannot be independent because a man is needed in their life to do the things for them they do not wish to do?

So everyone, remember to raise your children to be independent, not to feel as if they need to have a man or woman in their life to fully be whole. Treat them with respect, love them, and make sure they know they will be ok even if they do not have a lover in their lives. And make sure they know the love of the Goddess.

The First Post

Sunday, February 24, 2008

As this is my first post, I guess I should introduce myself.

Here, I will be known as Willow, but of course that is not my real name. I became interested in the Pagan path as a young girl. I was instantly drawn to it, picked up whatever books I could get my hands on and began to study it as often as I could. That was when there were numerous sites online that were updated regularly, so I constantly did research.

However, my interests began to shift from Wicca, to a more Dianic path. This really didn't begin to sink in until a few years ago, when I felt that the God and Goddess path just wasn't for me. Of course, there isn't much information online pertaining to the Goddess Path anymore, which is quite depressing. I hope to use this place to talk about personal Goddess information, as well as information that regular readers may benefit from. I hope you enjoy your stay.