How to Make A Wish Box-An Easy DIY Project

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Let's face it, everyone has wishes. We all have bad days, fears, wants, needs, etc. So, to help obtain those goals, wants and wishes, you can make an easy wish box that will last for years and help give you something to look at every day while you work on this goal.

To start, get yourself a small box of some kind. I used a small hinged, wooden box I purchased from a craft store for about a dollar. I also purchased small wooden embelleshments to place on top of the box. I went to town painting the outside and then the inside of the box in the colors of my choosing. I added glitter for a nice, sparkly affect, and then sealed the box so it would not chip. I glued on the embelleshments and voila. I had a wish box ready to place upon my altar or place somewhere easily accesible.

Remember, your wish box can be big or small, wooden or not. It's up to you. Just make sure the box and the decorations you use on the box speak to you. If it does not, what is the use in using those items? When you are finished with your box, feel free to use it however you wish by placing whatever you wish inside.

Happy Crafting!

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