Make a Magickal Carpet Deodorizer

Thursday, February 28, 2008

My roommate and I decided enough was enough. We needed to do something to help absorb the negativity, and the stale feeling that our apartment had. In our short brainstorming session, we decided that mixing up our own carpet deodorizer would be a great option. Not to mention none of our other roommates would question what we were doing. We set to work.

In our mixture, we used mostly baking soda to help absorb any stale odors that may have been lurking in the carpet. Then, we added a bit of cinnamon to give the apartment a nice homey feel, not to mention help attract harmony, love and money. Next, a bit of salt was added with a bit of lemon juice to help pick up any extra negativity we did not catch with the other ingriedients.

While mixing this concoction, I imagined everything working together to bring about a peaceful harmonious home that everyone could enjoy living in. We set the mixture out to dry (considering the lemon juice) and sprinkled the apartment in a clockwise fashion. It set for 30 minutes before being vaccumed up.

Not only does the apartment smell wonderful, I think it worked a little too well considering we found a roommate cuddling with a love interest on the couch! Try mixing up your own carpet refresher when you have the chance, just don't forget to add your own finishing touches, especially herbs or spices that will help bring about what you want. Add some visualization, and let it sit to attract what you want. Your housemates will thank you, even if they don't know what you did exactly.

Friday is almost here!

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