What are we doing to our children?

Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm beginning to notice a trend in young females, and I definitely think it's due to our male dominated society.

Women that feel the constant need to have someone in their life. Some type of lover, and if those women do not get the type of attention they need, they feel terrible, inadequate and quite lonely. Then, ,they end up taking their frustration out on others simply because they feel the need to do so.

I've realized this mostly from a roommate of mine (but I have overhead many a coversation on the very same topic, from many other girls). Her family is quite the Christian, "my father doesn't have to do anything around the house because my mother does it all" type of family. The second someone shows this girl the least bit of attention, she becomes obssessed, staying up late, doing nothing but thinking about this guy. She gets her hopes up, only to be let down a short while later, because 'men are all the same'. They do nothing 'but treat her badly and are good for nothing'.

How are we raising our children? Especially our girls? Why are we grooming them to feel that men are the only things they need in life because it will lead to them being whole? Why are we grooming them to believe that they cannot be independent because a man is needed in their life to do the things for them they do not wish to do?

So everyone, remember to raise your children to be independent, not to feel as if they need to have a man or woman in their life to fully be whole. Treat them with respect, love them, and make sure they know they will be ok even if they do not have a lover in their lives. And make sure they know the love of the Goddess.

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RoseM said...

Hi. I am 14 and I saw that you liked magic. Do you rell bilve? If you do come on my blog and lets tack.O, I think you are right about us kids. That is not me,but I know people like that.