Blessed Ostara

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Today is the first day of Spring, and Ostara. We are finally seeing trees and other plants come back to life, the animals we haven't seen in months are out and about again. Not to mention, the winter weather is finally starting to drift away.

To Celebrate Ostara

Paint Eggs-Eggs are seen as a fertility symbol. And, if you happen to be rather closeted, painting eggs around this time won't get you too many strange looks. Paint them and use them in your ritual or other spring time spells.

Use Flowers and Bless Seeds-Place fresh flowers on your altar for Ostara. These help bring life into your home and help you feel in the Spring spirit. Bless seeds and instill in them your goals and wishes for the coming year. As they grow, as will your goals and wishes.

Clean House-Clean every nook and cranny of your home. Recycle items that you've been meaning to for months, donate clothing that you no longer wear, and finally clean under the fridge and those other hard to reach places. If you're comfortable with it and can use it, smudge your home with Sage. It will help break up those negative energies that have gotten themselves comfortable over the past few months.

Whatever you do, make sure you spend your Ostara with those you care about! Have a happy one!

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