Earth Hour: Raise Environmental Awareness

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Like many college students I'm a member of the networking site Facebook. Facebook can be a good thing, especially when invites like the one I'm going to talk about randomly get sent to your inbox.

Earth Hour, according to the Facebook group started in Sydney Australia, and now they're trying to see how far they can take their event now. On March 29th at 8PM (your local time) you're going to simply turn off all of your lights for one hour. That's it. Turn off your lights for one hour and spend that time meditating. Light candles, meditate or spend an hour with family. Do something simple. And believe it or not, turning off your lights for one hour can have a big impact on the amount of carbon emissions released into the environment.

When this event happened in Australia, about 2.2 million people participated in the event. That amount of people turning their lights off just for one hour managed to reduce their carbon emissions by 10.2% which is like taking 48,000 cars off the road for an hour.

This would be an excellent event for everyone to participate in. The group says to tell everyone about it that I can, so I'm passing it on. I hope everyone can find time to participate.

Toronto Earth Hour

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