Green Easter Goodies

Monday, March 24, 2008

I know I post a lot about green living, but it's important to me and I'm trying to pass the idea of green living onto everyone, including the Pagan community. Just because you're Pagan does not mean that green living is as important to you as it may be to some.

Secondly, I know it's past Easter, and I know you're probably wondering why I'd be posting about Easter on a Pagan blog, but let's face it, Ostara falls around Easter every year, and being Pagan does not mean that you don't celebrate Easter along with the rest of your family that is not Pagan.

Anyway, I discovered some green Easter items that I thought I'd pass on. According to the article I found, $14 billion will be (or has been) spent on Easter this year. So instead of putting all of that hard earned money into Easter products, why not try something different. Items that don't rely on tons of packaging or are actually made from nice, organic materials instead of that processed stuff. Besides, it's never really too late to celebrate the Spring season.

At least you can keep this in mind for next year. :)

Green Easter Goodies

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