Hello 3AM

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The past two nights I've played cards. Actually gotten up and stepped away from the computer for a few hours and done something different. And I can't believe how good it feels.

Unlike some (more like one) people that I know, I'm not a slave to the computer. Sure, when I'm home, I tend to be pretty bored and I'm here a lot, but I actually can manage to tear myself away and do other things. I don't have to sit here for three hours and then moan and complain when it's time to go do something productive. I get up and move on.

And tonight, actually moving away from the computer to do something normal, like playing cards was nice. I can't even understand the computer obsession anymore. What really is so popular about these things that you can't tear yourself away to actually accomplish something such as feeding yourself or actually seeing another human other than yourself. So you're not just conversing with blinking boxes.

I think I'll have to make it a point to do other normal things more often.

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