Get Greener with paper-less post-its

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Notes are nice and so are lists but the paper we use by writing those notes and lists, especially from those famous post-it notes is rather high especially if you tend to write yourself about 100 different notes each day. You can however cut down on the amount of post-it notes you use by outsourcing them altogether (so you can save paper AND money!) and by using a computer program that runs on your desktop.

My favorite post-it note program for computers is called Hott Notes. It's so easy to use, you just click on the icon to run the program and right click on the icon on your toolbar and click to write a yourself a new note. The note will sit on your desktop where you can see it all day long. You can check off items from your list as you do them and you can just write yourself a regular note and stick it to your desktop. And, if you're bored you can also create notes that you can draw on. It's a great program that's FREE. So save yourself money and the environment by using Hott Notes.

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