How to use Playing cards as Tarot Cards

Monday, May 25, 2009

The first tarot cards were playing cards. I've always wanted to delve into using playing cards for tarot cards because the decks are cheaper, and from my experience just as accurate with information.

I created my first deck probably about a year ago and they're very accurate. I did a reading today because I wanted to know if the decision to move to a new home right after college to help finish summer classes and try to get a nice first job was a good idea. I was told three things, to make a money talisman, burn a candle for prosperity and that lies or gossip may be going on right now.

Here are just a few links that I've found useful to understanding playing cards as tarot cards.

Card Meanings and Combinations
Using regular playing cards @ Sarena's Tarot

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Miso said...

Well I hope you magic goes well and blessings for your coming studies.

For gossip provention try a peice of paper with a sour lemon lolly pop and a glass. Write the persons name or people whom are gossiping about me. wrap it round the lolly pop and place in the glass. Say Lemon sour sweet, help those who gossip pucker up and not make a peep.
Then place some water in the glass and shove in the freezer, or leave in the sun and ask the Lord to help burn away the gossip.

Evening Breeze