Spell for a peaceful home

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

For this spell you will need a piece of rose quartz and a white or blue candle.

To Cast: Relax, take a deep breath and hold the rose quartz in your hand and project loving energy into the rose quartz. Focus on love and the act of sending love into the stone for several minutes. When you feel finished, put down the stone and pick up your white or blue candle. Charge the candle with calming, relaxing energy. Again, keep up the visualization for as long as you feel. When finished, light the candle and place the piece of rose quartz as close to the candle as possible. Visualize the energies mixing together to create a harmonious, loving and calm atmosphere. Then, see the energy progressing through the rest of your home calming, yet energizing your home with the energies you wish to bring into your home. When finished, become busy doing other things not focusing on or worrying about the spell you have just cast. But please stay close so you can check on the candle, never leave it unattended! Let the candle burn out if possible. If you cannot let it burn out completely, light the candle a few minutes each day until consumed.

Repeat this spell as often as necessary.

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