A Chant for Healing

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I got hurt at work today so I've been looking online for chants or other information on healing. The injury isn't that terrible I don't think, at least I'm trying to stay positive that it's nothing more than a smashed finger. One of the children in my classroom pulled a heavy wooden toy from a shelf and instead of holding onto it, he let it fall to the ground with half of it landing on my finger. The fall was probably about 2 feet but combine it with the size and the weight of the toy, it was pretty high and it really hurt. My finger was numb for several minutes. Now it's mostly bruised and swollen but it does twinge when moved sometimes and when I bump it I almost go through the roof. Here is one chant I'm planning on working with over the next few days. And, I do plan on engaging in other means of healing as well, such as rest, ice and some tylenol.

"By the power of the Lady By the power of three

Pain away, rest well, pain away.

As I do will, So Mote it be"

Repeat 3 times while visualizing the ailment/condition leaving your body.

Power of 3 Healing Spell

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jaz said...

hope your finger feels better...BB