Saturday, August 15, 2009

My life since moving has been interesting. I've gone from job to another job that pays a lot better. My partner and I have been doing quite well I think too. We haven't really quarrled, we're not poor either. We've managed to pay our bills and on time and we haven't needed any help to accomplish that goal. I am truly hoping that our decision to move in together full time and to move away from family was also a good one. I feel like it was but you know sometimes we get doubts.

Our house is covered in plants with our altars taking over our bedroom. Currently, our altars are together on one shelf but we keep both of our items there. Mine is Kuan Yin related and hers is definitely more eastern as well but they fit well together. We haven't had much spiritual time, especially with working 40 hours a week for me and her working two jobs at some points to stay afloat.

I am definitely grateful that we are able to make this work. I am grateful that we have jobs and can pay for things that we need and for the occasional thing that we want. I'm grateful that we're being smart with our money and trying to figure out ways to save money so we can be financially fit for the future. I think things will work out for us in the end and I'm praying that it is. I know we can do it and we are.

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