Pet Loss

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I didn't have a very good Monday. Our bed decided to die and then after we manage to get out there and actually get a new bed, we come home and I get a phone call telling me that my dog, that I had for 13 years (I got her in 1996 after my aunt died) passed away yesterday morning. I was pretty devestated and my grandfather was too. My grandmother was as well. She may have Alzheimers but she knows more than people assume. He buried her yesterday evening after the rain stopped. I feel like a bad pet parent because I haven't been home much the past few years and I was never able to find a place where I could take her or my cat so I could give them what I see as a better life than being at home.

My one new pet, my hermit crab Vesta passed away from PPS (post purchase stress) so we're making a trip later this evening to try and figure out if it's still covered under their 15 day gurrantee or not. I really hate how everything seems to hit all at once. So I certainly wasn't on my best game at work today so I truly hope things do get better!

I despise coincidences

Monday, September 28, 2009

So my partner and I have been sleeping on air mattresses since we moved in together in June. We've already gone through one as it had a hole and never fully stayed full. We woke up one morning on the floor. Then, this mattress that we've had for about two months started the same thing. We ended up taking it back and getting yet another air mattress but a different brand.

I had just said too that it was holding up quite well and that we'd probably never have to worry about getting another bed anytime soon and then this morning the bed was acting the same way and just wouldn't stay inflated very well.

I sure hope this one works cause I'm not in the mood to spend more money again on another bed! We really can't afford another bed right now, nor is freecycle an option as we've got no way to haul a bed at the present time. I sure hope that this works out well. I hate how everything seems to pop up right before it's time to pay something like rent or another large bill. At least we were able to split the bill for the new bed and were able to knock the price of the last bed off. So at least we saved some money.

I guess the lesson is, be careful what you say!

Mabon and Birthdays

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First of all I'd like to wish everyone a joyous Mabon! Today my birthday fell on Mabon so it was an interesting day.

Thankfully my day was not as stressful as yesterday and today my partner made me a dinner. We went out and bought items to make homemade crab cakes and we made a side dish.

We actually celebrated with cake quite early, on Sunday or so I believe, but we still have some in the fridge so more cake will probably happen later tonight, haha.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day and I wish everyone the best of luck in the coming months.

Activities for Mabon

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Here are just a few ideas for Mabon. Feel free to try some of these out or to come up with your own ideas. If you're doing something fun, feel free to leave a note here!

-Hold a Thanksgiving rite to give thanks for all that you are thankful for in your life.

-Gather leaves, acorns and other gifts from nature to place on your altar or to use in crafts.

-Hold a potluck with friends and family and give thanks for your friends, your family and the abundance you have in your life. Try this Thanksgiving Prayer from

-Provide food for our feathered friends. Great craft idea for kids, take pinecones, cover in peanut butter, roll in bird seed and place on the trees!

-Make a feast from your garden or local farmers market. Be thankful for your garden's harvest and use it how you can.

-Give to charity or donate your time to a charity. They could always use your help!

-Clean up your home and be ready to invite winter into your life!

Mabon is almost upon us

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Since Fall is right around the corner I think it's time to really partake in the spirit of the season. In just a few days time, I've noticed the leaves on the trees around us slowly starting to change, some of which have already fallen from the trees. The weather is starting to cool too. We have the windows open again here but it may be time to close them soon as it's starting to warm up a bit.

I have plans this weekend to make some items for my classroom that are fall related. Since our children are toddlers, we're going to allow them to safely explore Fall with bottles full of items that relate to fall such as fallen leaves, acorns and the like. I have some items here that I'm going to place in some bottles before Monday so we can engage our kids in Fall activities.

My birthday is on Tuesday and I'm not sure what's going to happen. I'm going to take a trip home on Friday since it's payday to see everyone for a few days to celebrate my birthday I suppose. So while I'm here this week I'm going to enjoy the time. I'm thinking about taking a walk to spot the changes and just spending some time outside to get into the fun of Fall while I can. Before I know it, it'll be time for Winter!

It's time to open those windows!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Since the weather has been so nice and cool here, we've elected to start turning off the air conditioner and just opening the windows to let the cool breeze of mother nature flow through the apartment.

I can't tell you how much more comfortable this apartment feels with a refreshing breeze flowing through the apartment. It's definitely helped remove the stagnate feeling and it's helped air this place out!

So, save some money, refresh your home naturally and connect with nature! Open those windows wide, push out the negativity that may have collected during the warm summer days and begin to welcome fall!

A Ritual For Peace

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I've been scouring the net off and on for awhile now with Stumble, as I've recently gotten back into using their service since I always find really interesting things when I search. I came across this great and yet simple ritual for peace that I think anyone could use as and I think people should feel free to use it if they wish as everyone needs and could use a little peace in their lives.

The ritual is to be designed to suit your needs so you're free to use the colors, candles and incense that suit your needs. The chant is simple but long so you may need to print it off and keep on hand during your rite.

"From out of the dark and into the light
A circular mark, a candle burns bright.
I look towards the sky, my song I do sing
Spirits soar high and gifts do I bring.
I offer my all, my mind I then clear
Harken my call, I fell you are near.
Candle burns higher, my spirits set free
Hotter than fire, the magick will be.
Let magick come 'round, from under the ground
To form with my sound and then to be bound.
Around me I feel the magick so real
Before you I knees, the spell I now seal.
Let all hatred CEASE
And let there be PEACE.
These words that I say
With magick AWAY!
This spell that I send
Is now at an end.
Let the magick I've laid
Go forth and not fade.
So Mote It Be!"

From:Lady of the Earth

It's coming!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My co-teacher and I have been planning a Fall theme for our classroom and we just finished that yesterday. We're planning on trying to add some other things that are not lesson plans like observation materials too. We're really trying to get into Fall for this lesson and I'm excited.

That, and the weather seems to be following suit. It's been cool and breezy lately with some sun. Today is another home football game and it's cloudy and cool but it's nice that the weather is making a noticable shift to Fall weather. I think the only reason I really love Fall is because I'm a Fall baby! My birthday is on the first day of Fall this year (Mabon too) and I always loved the fact that my birthday usually fell on the day when it switched seasons. That's not something I ever really grew out of surprisingly.

I also saw Halloween costumes being placed on store shelves yesterday so that's also exciting even though I never usually go to a party or dress up anymore it's signaling to me Halloween is almost here and I love that part of the year too!

Anticipating Fall and Halloween

Monday, September 7, 2009

The past few days I've had this strong urge to be crafty. I've be feeling the pull towards the darker time of the year. I'm really feeling the magic that comes with this time of year. I'm ready for fall and I'm ready for Halloween.

I'm ready for the decorations, the cool nights, the darkness that comes with it and the haunted houses. I find it to be in great fun and it's just the time of year that I really love. I've found myself anticipating the Halloween decorations that come out soon as I want to get right to decorating and making some great stuff that I can place about our Apartment to make this place feel all witchy and fun.

Is anyone else feeling this way? Do you have plans for decoration or crafts? I'd love to hear your ideas as I'm feeling crafty. I want to make something fun, witchy or not!