I despise coincidences

Monday, September 28, 2009

So my partner and I have been sleeping on air mattresses since we moved in together in June. We've already gone through one as it had a hole and never fully stayed full. We woke up one morning on the floor. Then, this mattress that we've had for about two months started the same thing. We ended up taking it back and getting yet another air mattress but a different brand.

I had just said too that it was holding up quite well and that we'd probably never have to worry about getting another bed anytime soon and then this morning the bed was acting the same way and just wouldn't stay inflated very well.

I sure hope this one works cause I'm not in the mood to spend more money again on another bed! We really can't afford another bed right now, nor is freecycle an option as we've got no way to haul a bed at the present time. I sure hope that this works out well. I hate how everything seems to pop up right before it's time to pay something like rent or another large bill. At least we were able to split the bill for the new bed and were able to knock the price of the last bed off. So at least we saved some money.

I guess the lesson is, be careful what you say!

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