It's coming!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My co-teacher and I have been planning a Fall theme for our classroom and we just finished that yesterday. We're planning on trying to add some other things that are not lesson plans like observation materials too. We're really trying to get into Fall for this lesson and I'm excited.

That, and the weather seems to be following suit. It's been cool and breezy lately with some sun. Today is another home football game and it's cloudy and cool but it's nice that the weather is making a noticable shift to Fall weather. I think the only reason I really love Fall is because I'm a Fall baby! My birthday is on the first day of Fall this year (Mabon too) and I always loved the fact that my birthday usually fell on the day when it switched seasons. That's not something I ever really grew out of surprisingly.

I also saw Halloween costumes being placed on store shelves yesterday so that's also exciting even though I never usually go to a party or dress up anymore it's signaling to me Halloween is almost here and I love that part of the year too!

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