Pet Loss

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I didn't have a very good Monday. Our bed decided to die and then after we manage to get out there and actually get a new bed, we come home and I get a phone call telling me that my dog, that I had for 13 years (I got her in 1996 after my aunt died) passed away yesterday morning. I was pretty devestated and my grandfather was too. My grandmother was as well. She may have Alzheimers but she knows more than people assume. He buried her yesterday evening after the rain stopped. I feel like a bad pet parent because I haven't been home much the past few years and I was never able to find a place where I could take her or my cat so I could give them what I see as a better life than being at home.

My one new pet, my hermit crab Vesta passed away from PPS (post purchase stress) so we're making a trip later this evening to try and figure out if it's still covered under their 15 day gurrantee or not. I really hate how everything seems to hit all at once. So I certainly wasn't on my best game at work today so I truly hope things do get better!

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