A Ritual For Peace

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I've been scouring the net off and on for awhile now with Stumble, as I've recently gotten back into using their service since I always find really interesting things when I search. I came across this great and yet simple ritual for peace that I think anyone could use as and I think people should feel free to use it if they wish as everyone needs and could use a little peace in their lives.

The ritual is to be designed to suit your needs so you're free to use the colors, candles and incense that suit your needs. The chant is simple but long so you may need to print it off and keep on hand during your rite.

"From out of the dark and into the light
A circular mark, a candle burns bright.
I look towards the sky, my song I do sing
Spirits soar high and gifts do I bring.
I offer my all, my mind I then clear
Harken my call, I fell you are near.
Candle burns higher, my spirits set free
Hotter than fire, the magick will be.
Let magick come 'round, from under the ground
To form with my sound and then to be bound.
Around me I feel the magick so real
Before you I knees, the spell I now seal.
Let all hatred CEASE
And let there be PEACE.
These words that I say
With magick AWAY!
This spell that I send
Is now at an end.
Let the magick I've laid
Go forth and not fade.
So Mote It Be!"

From:Lady of the Earth

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