Merry Yule!

Monday, December 20, 2010

I hope everyone has a Blessed Yule with their family and friends. Anyone want to share their plans? I've been slowly working on a ritual idea of sorts with my partner and I. I've really never celebrated holidays in a formal manner and I'm really excited to do so this Yule. I've never been one much for circle work so I won't be using one but my plans are as follows in order.

1. Light a white candle: Take a moment to stop and contemplate the season and the return of the sun.
2. Winter Solstice Reading: A reading from the 2003 "Spell a Day" Almanac with the lighting of red, apple scented candles for prosperity and abundance for the coming year.
3. Prayer to the Winter Goddess: Take a moment to relax, contemplate this and give quiet thanks to the Goddess
4. Lighting of Candles: Light Bayleaf sceneted candles for health and protection for the coming year. Take a moment to center and attune to the season.
5. Head outside: Listen to nature, feel the cold, contemplate nature.
6. Feed the birds: Share with our feathered friends our bounty (and keep them fed during the winter!).
7. Snow Magic: Since we have some snow on the ground. Pick up a handful and form it into a snowball. While forming, place a bad habit into that snowball that we want to banish. Think about it as we form it and then, when the energy is built, throw it far away from banishing it from our lives!
8. Celebrate! Feast while the candles burn on the altar. Also exchange our Yule gifts.

If you would like to share your Yule plans in the comments please feel free!

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