New Year's Eve Traditions

Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm sure everyone celebrates the New Year differently. In my home, it's really tradition to pig out on New Year's Eve. We have things like shrimp, pizza, chips, just whatever really suits us. Then we do things during the night that we enjoy.

I might end up throwing a bit of a Wii party tonight. My partner is coming over and will be spending the night. Tomorrow, we eat foods that are considered to be good lucky foods, such as pork, cabbage that kind of thing. We stop long enough to watch the countdown but that is about it. It's just nice to relax and do something in our own way.

If you're interested in fixing some lucky foods for this New Year's, there are some resources online that you can check out. Here is one that I found the other day on the front page of MSN.

Lucky Foods for the New Year

Happy New Years everyone!

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