Merry Yule and Happy Holidays

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Quite sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've been a bit lackluster on things. We did celebrate Yule on Thursday but I never did get around to doing a ritual. Things were very busy and I didn't feel well. Also, those crazy family and life things that pop up just didn't make me want to celebrate. I am now at home to celebrate the Christmas holiday with my family and I'm just hoping I can get through it. Some family members just cannot get along and I always end up in the middle of it and miserable by the time things are done so I'm hoping I can survive these next few days with most of my sanity intact! I'll just have to remember to take deep breaths and lots of cleansing showers to not let things stick to me.

Initiate Change..cleanse!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Have you ever felt stuck? In a rut and you're just getting nowhere? That's kind of how I feel. I think part of my problem is, I haven't taken time off work to just be. To do what I want to do, without worrying about others. Work hasn't been easy lately either. I've had a lot of different things to deal with; none of which have been pleasant. And, there is that nagging feeling that maybe I don't want to do what I'm doing.

I've worked on waking up on a positive note; trying to make each day seem pleasant. Because if I can go in on a positive note, things just don't seem as bad. Sometimes I manage to be positive, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I hate everything, everyone and I don't want to do what I do anymore. I'd love to own my own business even though I haven't decided on what I want that business to be yet. I know it's hard work too, but I'd love to work from home. To work for myself instead of someone else, to make my own rules.

In the meantime, stagnant energy builds up; it attaches to everything and everyone and even though we may work on cleansing our bodies, we often forget our homes. When we fight and argue with those we love, it just continues to build up. So I went through this evening, took maybe a half hour and tended to my altar. Cleansed and blessed and just was for a bit. I cleansed my living space. I plan on physical cleaning later when we work on decluttering our environment a bit. We have so many things, some of which can be gotten rid of, and we're doing it soon. We have a pile of things that are ready to take out.

It seems a bit more relaxed now. I feel better. And I'm going to work on being more positive, while working on side ideas. Things I can do to improve my situation instead of complaining about it. If I refuse to do anything, I'm not helping the situation any. If you want change, do it!

So readers, start today. Cleanse your space, cleanse your body and think positive! I think we forget how lucky we are to have homes, jobs, money, and food on the tables! Be positive!

Blessed Litha!

Another Garden Update

Thursday, June 2, 2011

We managed to get a nice break from the horrid humidity and heat today. It's actually quite nice, so here I am, sitting on what I guess I should consider a front porch typing this. Of course, where I live, I don't have much of a porch, or much of anything really so I have to make do with what I have. And, let's face it, because money is tight for everyone, I've really tried to come up with ways to save money during the summer, especially since my partner's job pretty much disappears when school is not in session and she has not found another job yet. So that is why I've worked hard at trying to make this garden thing pay off for the summer and prove that it's quite possible to grow lots of food in little spaces. And so far I think I'm doing quite well at proving that it is possible to supplement your grocery needs even in the tiniest of spaces.

Since I've last updated, which wasn't long ago, the garden has really changed. Everything has gotten so much larger. I can't believe at how everything has grown. We actually managed to snag our first tomato of the season off of a Better Bush tomato plant that we purchased from Aldi's when they were having a sale.

Here is the entire view of our plants.  
Close up of some squash and cucumber plants. 
Here are tomato plants with strawberry plants in front.

The Better Bush tomato plant where we got out first tomato. Yum!
Sweet pepper plants. These things have really grown!

 See I believe it is possible to grow a lot of plants and food in small places. I think we were making it a lot harder than it needed to be.

Gardening Update

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I figured, that after a few minor problems growing our plants for this year, that it was time to update on our progress. We lost our cucumbers early and had to replant which set us back a bit but so far, the progress is good.

So first off, we found this guy outside underneath one of our planters.
I couldn't miss a small photo shoot. Is it hard to believe I've never actually handled on of these things?
OK, so anyway, onto the actual plants themselves.

Tomatoes and Cucumbers.

Tomatoes on ends. To be planted are cucumber plants. 

Zucchini and Squash

Sweet Pepper Plants 

Now that stuff, I'm not exactly sure what it is, and the girlfriend isn't so sure herself. It's kind of interesting so here's a photo for your enjoyment.

Sadly, our strawberries haven't done anything yet either so we may take a small trip out to consider a few strawberry plants. I have pets that could consume them as well so I'd still consider it a money saving venture if I could grow some of my own! I also turned into my grandmother for about 10 minutes as I swept the sidewalk off behind our apartment. I hate tracking in dirt and leaves, and since our vacuum is broken, I need to keep this place as clean as I can!  Well if I come home with more plants you can expect some pictures at some point.

Merry Beltane!

Starting the Garden and Other Projects

Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's been awhile since I've updated and I've decided to update you on our garden progress.

As I've said before, I live in a small apartment and I do not have a balcony or groundspace to plant things, so we're gardening out of containers. The past two summers haven't gone well and we've changed things to hopefully make things better. We've started using container seed varities of vegetables that we use the most. So we've got most of our seeds planted. We're thinking about trying some other varities as well.

As you can see, everything is labled. The tiny greenhouse is full of sweet pepper seeds. This was bought on a whim from Walmart. It's meant for kids but hey, I love sweet peppers so I jumped at the chance. I can't wait until things start to sprout. I want to see these plants so I can be sure that things are going to be better this year.

Also I've been working on my crochet. I'm planning to open up an Etsy store, or maybe and Artfire store with some of my creations. I'm planning on offering plarn as well for those that do not want to cut it or take the time to cut it themselves. Stay tuned for more information on that as it becomes available. If you're interested in anything homemade crocheted, let me know what it is and I'll look into crafting some of it up.

Blessed Ostara!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

How is everyone' s Ostara? Good I hope.

Here in my abode we've baked what the packaging calls Easter cookies but I'm going with Ostara cookies. I found some really cute sugar cookies that have symbols of the season printed on them. Bunnies, eggs, and bright colors.

The partner has been cooking. So far we have cornbread, a vegetable gratin that smells delicious and I can't wait to try and chicken is baking as well. 

Candles of Green, Yellow and Purple burn on the altar.

We did a small ritual. The candles are still burning on the altar. Excuse the crappy picture, I had to use my phone as I haven't bought another camera battery. The cookie is our offering. Best to use something you're consuming yourself! The ritual was from About. Com's Pagan site but slightly modified to suit my needs.

Blessed Ostara everyone.

Ostara Correspondances and Activities

Ostara Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

Foods: Eggs, dairy, chicken, honey
Colors: Pastels, think of what makes you think of Spring!
Altar Decorations: Flowers, eggs, maiden goddess statues

-Color eggs. Use all natural dyes to make the eggs more nature friendly.
-Bless the seeds you'll use for your garden.
-Bless your garden. A milk and honey mixture or milk and sugar mixture seems to be the most commonly used thing to bless gardens.
-Make sweet treats like hot cross buns or just a cake, or even some cookies.
-Hide eggs for the children, or even get the family involved. Write sweet notes for your family and hide them inside the eggs. Then let everyone find the eggs to find the sweet, loving messages inside.
-Spring clean. Recycle paper and plastic, toss out things that are broken and can't be used, and donate the rest. Vaccum, mop, sweep, clean those windows. Really get into it and get rid of the old energy. Then hold a small ritual to bring in the new.
-Take a hike and look for signs of new life. Buds on the trees, sprouting flowers, etc.

Supermoon Tonight!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

So I'm sure everyone has heard about the supermoon. Well, you can see it tonight if it's not cloudy and the best time to look, according to my research is when the moon is beginning to rise. You can find information on moonrise times online. If you want to check out the supermoon tonight, head on over to spacedex! Supermoon

Children's Ostara Chant

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Welcome, welcome, warm fresh earth!

Today we celebrate rebirth!

Blowing wind, rising sun,

Bringing the spring to everyone!

Rabbits hopping, chicks in the nest,

Spring is the season we love the best!

Celebrate the green of the earth with me -

Happy Ostara, and blessed be!

This chant can be found at About.Com's Pagan Site

Out of inspiration

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I haven't posted lately mostly because I am out of ideas on what to post. Most people are posting their blogs on spring and Ostara, and their traditions and customs so that's pretty much a saturated market. I haven't even planned for Ostara yet. I plan on having some sort of feast, but as to what we'll eat? I have no idea. I'm not even sure I'll prepare a ritual or the like. We'll see though.

Maybe most of this is due to the fact I've been reading a lot. My book blog has some pretty regular posts and book reviews and I'm currently working on recieving more. It's just so nice being able to read at my leisure again. I've missed it.

I did get some nice cookbooks from the book fair my work is holding. We do regular scholastic book fairs because we are a preschool. They were my favorite when I was a kid. So naturally I had to walk away with something. Maybe I'll get around to posting a recipe or two. They're pretty nice cookbooks.

It's beginning to look like Spring..and I'm being lazy

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I arrived home from my business trip on Friday evening. It was about 6'o'clock when I finally pulled into my parking lot. Thankfully I was dropped off in our rental car so no one had to make a trip across town to come get me in the already terrible traffic because there was a concert at the coliseum that evening.

The trip went by pretty fast, the conferences were OK, some were more enjoyable than others obviously. The trip itself wasn't as terrible as I expected it to be. There were a few moments that were terrible, like waiting over an hour to recieve our food in a restaurant that was less than packed and  waitress that seemed to disappear. Other than that, it wasn't terrible. We could walk to our conference building. We could walk to the mall (it was right across the street). Speaking of which, we went shopping at the mall on Thursday evening. They had a pretty large toy store that isn't a chain store and we went browsing. A bunch of early childhood teachers, we had to stop in the toy store. They had a huge display of stuffed animals as soon as you walked in the door. As I was browsing, I came across a small display of dragons. My partner loves dragons so I purchased a green one.

The weather today is lovely. It's screaming spring. It's 60 degrees and here I am inside being lazy. I haven't felt like going out since I've been home so I haven't gone anwwhere. It's nice after traveling to just stay in. I like being lazy after traveling for several days. I like avoiding people as much as I can too. Sometimes it's just nice to be a solitary creature. However, once spring officially arrives I think I'll start being outside more. I think I'm catching Spring fever.

Away from Blog

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm leaving town tomorrow afternoon and heading to a conference for work. I'll be attending with three other women from work and as such, I'll be away from the internet for a few days. I'll be back sometime on Friday evening. It still sucks though that I'll be away from home for so long.

I don't mind to travel but I definitely prefer traveling with a more close knit group of people, as in people that I'm pretty familiar with. I've worked with these woman for almost two years, so I do know them I'm just not that friendly with them, they're not family and they're not my partner so I'm definitely uncomfortable in that aspect. It will be a pretty long two days, even though I know, in retrospect it will actually be a short two days. Tomorrow evening will be an evening spent getting used to being there. Thursday will be full of conferences, and then Friday, we'll attend some classes and then we're checking out and heading home. There will be so much to do, I know it actually won't feel like two days. It'll all be over rather fast. It's just a pain having to spend so much time with some people that really don't want to get along with others. 

I have a plan to keep me occupied during my downtimes though. I will be taking my ipod and my kindle so I can read, play some games or do some light internet surfing if I can get around free net access. It shall be an interesting experience!

A Fruit Dip Recipe

Sunday, February 20, 2011

We went shopping at Aldi's yesterday evening and we came  back with a fresh pineapple. We don't get them often because they're usually pretty expensive but Aldi's has stuff considerably cheaper so we ended up coming back with a pineapple. We ate some of the fruit last night after dinner.  After I had already eaten my pineapple, I thought man I'd really like to have some fruit dip to eat with this but I never got any. 
This dip is divine and tastes great with summer fruit. It's very cooling, but delicious all at the same time. You'll need:
1 sm. container of cream cheese
1 sm. jar of marshmallow cream
Almond extract

Soften the cream cheese and mix the cream cheese and marshmallow cream together. Then add your almond extract. You'll only need a few drops of this. It's best to taste as you go to make sure it doesn't become over powering. Then serve with your favorite fruit! My favorites are strawberries and pineapple.

The Flu Bug

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So I've been absent for a few days because I sadly became sick over the weekend. I had gone home on Friday so I could talk to my insurance company about my new insurance policy and to cancel my old one. As the evening wore on, I had a cough that continued to get worse. When I woke up on Saturday, I felt miserable. I was achey, coughing, stuffy nose, and I was pretty sure I had a fever. I handled my insurance policy and went home and went to bed.

I suffered for hours. I took fever reducers but it didn't seem like they actually helped any. I could barely get out of bed so I just managed to do what needed done in short bursts. I even tried drinking lots of chamomile tea to help with inflammation but no such luck. I came back to town on Sunday but my partner drove because I was still miserable.

I've been off of work since. My fever finally broke on Tuesday morning, and I went to the doctor yesterday evening because I have this cough that won't leave and I've got congestion in my lungs. So I'm on antibiotics, a cough medicine and one last day off from work. I return tomorrow. I'm both glad and not interested. I'm bored but I know I'll probably be exhausted because I've been so miserable at night, I can't stop coughing enough to fall asleep.

In other news, the weather has been rather nice lately. It's almost 60 degress here right now. It's not sunny or anything, it's actually quite cloudy, but it's refreshing. I have a window open in hopes to help air this place out a bit. I can hear birds chirping. I heard birds chirping this morning when I woke up. I'm ready for Spring. I can't wait until all of these crazy winter illnesses are gone and I can stop getting sick!

Planning our Garden

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My partner and I live in an apartment. And it's a small apartment. We don't have a balcony, we have a sidewalk, a walkway behind our building of which we have to share with the tennants at the other end of the building. So far, each set of tennats that have moved in have been pretty good so we haven't had to worry about much but we still have to make sure there is plenty of room on our walkway so we can walk and so others can walk.

We've grown tomatoes and peppers kind of successfully the past two years but I personally would like to get more yield from our plants. We're solely container gardener's so it's hard to grow a lot of successful plants that way. However, I discovered container varities of vegetable seeds from Burpee Seeds and I think I'm going to place an order. I've heard some pretty grand things about their container seed varities so I think I'm going to put in a seed order here soon so we can be ready to start them when it's about the right time. I'm excited. I'm not much of a gardener. However I'm definitely looking to save money on vegetables.

I just got a new car and my insurance is going to skyrocket compared to what I normally pay so I'm really interested in trying to save money. We tend to eat a lot of vegetables and they're so expensive. So I'm hoping that I can successfully grow some great things. I think I'll document the journey of growing these patio vegetables at some point. I haven't decided when I'm going to place my order but I think it will be quite soon. I want to get everything and start looking into everything so I can make this a pretty successful growing season.

Have any of you started planning your garden's yet? Anyone else out there container gardener's? Garden Witchery: Magick from the Ground Up

Mother Nature

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I was starting to feel like Spring was on the horizon but it seems like Mother Nature had another story.

Today has been a crazy mix of weather. First it started off with freezing rain and it was foggy. It was chilly but not entirely cold. It was bearable. I had to run some errands so once we got back and relaxed, we noticed that it was starting to get sunny. Then the sun went away and it became cloudy again.

Next thing we know, it's sleeting, thundering and lightning. Then the wind hit. It's cold and extremely windy out right now. I sure hope it starts to get better so tomorrow's trip is an easy one. Sadly, we still have quite some time to go before Spring.

Imbolc Wishes!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I woke up today feeling pretty good. I could see light outside. That was refreshing. When I walked outside it was warm, and light. I can't believe I actually saw light! I was excited. It screamed Spring and I felt pretty good about my day. Then as the day wore on, I got depressed. The sun drifted away, it became cloudy, and now it's cold and snowing again. That's OK, Phil and our local groundhog French Creek Freddie didn't see their shadows, so come on early Spring!

I did a small ritual this evening. We ate some cookie creation that we made from a recipe. They were pretty tasty. We have some pudding in the fridge that I'll probably break into a bit later. I'm quite excited though. I can feel Spring and the warmer months coming! This also makes the second sabbat in a row I've celebrated which means I'm well on my way to attuning more to the seasons. And, this also makes me more excited for Ostara.

Imbolc Blessings everyone!

Imbolc Altar 2011

Imbolc Eve

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So I haven't put as much planning into Imbolc as I did Yule. That's OK I suppose. I have a general plan. I plan on using a ritual from About.Com but slightly modified. You can see that ritual here. This ritual is considered a solitary rite but can be easily modified.

I may end up making a Brighid's cross or two. There are lots of resources out there for information on making one, but I tend to make mine a bit differently. I take old Yule/Christmas cards and cut up the covers to add some decoration, plus I get to recycle. Here is just one tutorial on making a Brighid's Cross if you are interested. If I make any however I'll probably work on those tonight so I can place them tomorrow or use them as altar decorations.

We've already cleaned up a bit even though this place could use a bit more. I think tonight I'm going to leave some bread out for Brighid (a custom that I cannot remember where I found it). I might clean up my altar tonight and prepare it for tomorrow so it's one less thing I'll have to worry about tomorrow evening.

I don't have any meal ideas in mind and I probably should. There is still time however to decide if I want to pop out to get anything or not. What are you serving?

A New Adventure

Monday, January 31, 2011

I decided, since I made a new purchase to make a new blog. I love to read. I read constantly. I recently purchased a Kindle Wireless Reading Device from Amazon to help cut down on the clutter that I bring in and to help save money on books. I can get many free books from Amazon, as well as pretty cheap books. It means less clutter and I'm saving money!

I've had my Kindle since Thursday and I've already finished two books. That's probably more than I've read in the past few years. I've thought about doing a 50 books in a year challenge but I'm still not sure if I'll undertake that or not. So I've decided to begin a blog and write up reviews on all the books I read, most of which will be in Kindle form. I plan on adding some Pagan interest books to the list at some point but currently I'm just delving back into my love of fiction.

So if you're a book worm and want to check out some new books, feel free to read along with me.
Scrawled in Blue .

Spring cleaning CONTEST!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I don't know about you but every year about this time I start feeling trapped, piled underneath clutter, unwanted and unneeded things. I start getting the urge to declutter, recycle and just get rid of stuff that is pretty useless to me.

I straightened up some things today, and even went through my wallet a bit. I found a giftcard that I've been carrying in my wallet for quite some time, I think years actually and I never use it! So, Lunar Circle readers, here is a chance for a free gift card!

If you win this contest, you will recieve One (1) $10 gift card to AMC Theatres.  Just a note, the little scratch part of this card has been scratched off but I assure you, this card has never been used and does not appear to have an expiration date.

TO enter:
Leave a comment on this post about your spring cleaning plans.

You can recieve additional entries by:
1) Making a post on your blog and linking to this one.
2) Becoming a fan of the Lunar Circle on Facebook (points to the sidebar).
3) Becoming a follower of this blog

Please leave me a separate comment for each entry. The winner will be chosen by a random number generator. The last day for entries is Sunday, Febuary 6th. A winner will be chosen on Monday, Febuary 7th.

Waning Moon: Let's get cleansing!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

One thing I haven't done in awhile is a cleansing on our apartment. I try to do one every few months to keep this place from accumulating too many crazy energies, especially since my partner and I tend to bring in a lot of stress.

So today, I went through and did a pretty basic cleansing. I sprinkled salt water around our place focusing on removing negative energies.  Then, I focused on our doors and windows to help keep things out.  When I was finished, I went to each door and window and drew the pentagram with my wand. Then I say a little chant. This can be something you've made up, or one based upon protection. I see the pentagram burning brightly, protecting our place and then I move on.

Other times when I cleanse, especially if I feel like there is too much crazy energy, I'll take a broom and 'sweep' up the energy. I don't actually make contact with anything, but I see the nasty, black energy sweeping into piles. I condense this into one giant pile, open the door and push it out, seeing the energy dissipating into the air.  Then I'll follow up with salt water, and pentagram blessings.

When all was said and done today, I light a stick of incense on the altar. Oh, and I made sure to clean up the altar space too. That definitely needed some brushing up.

Enjoy your sunday!

Quartz Crystal: The Universal Stone

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quartz is my favorite stone. I'm not sure why it is, it just is. I think Quartz can do everything. If you recall from my earlier post, quartz can help clear your chakras and remove energy from your body. It's a 'power stone'. It can amplify, absorb, store and balance energy. I keep one quartz point on my altar for removing negativity purposes as well as amplifying my personal energy.

Because it directs and amplifies energy, it's very beneficial for manifesting, healing, meditation, protection, and channeling. Quartz can be used to charge other crystals. Some refer to quartz as a "master healer' stone. I've seen sources that say quartz can detect food poisioning and draw out pain. And I can attest to that.

Whenever I have a headache and I would prefer to avoid using pain medication, I get a quartz crystal and lay down. Then I place the crystal in the middle of my forehead and just relax. I've had great luck with this method!

Other conditions quartz has been known to help heal are chronic fatigue, diabetes, fibromyalgia, depression, bone injuries, and intenstinal troubles.

If you've never worked with quartz, I'd highly recommend that you try. I have a spiral cage pendant necklace so I can place stones inside of it to wear and one of the ones that I tend to wear quite a bit are quartz. I feel much better when wearing one!

I need to start reading

Monday, January 17, 2011

I made an Amazon purchase awhile ago for a few books;
Everyday Sun Magic: Spells & Rituals for Radiant Living (Everyday Series) and Everyday Moon Magic: Spells & Rituals for Abundant Living (Everyday Series). I have made it through the first but I have yet to get through the second, and that was the one I was most excited about.

I really should write up a review for the first, and once I can get through the second, write up a review for that one. I enjoyed the first and I feel like it really gave me a different perspective on the sun.

I made the purchases because I really enjoy simple spells and magic. I'm not one for rituals, especially lengthy ones. I'm more of a 'do what I can when I can fit it in' type of person and I think Mor)rison really gave me a different perspective on spells in her book Everyday Magic: Spells & Rituals for Modern Living (Everyday Series). And her book on Sun Magic did not disappoint. So I really want to get into reading her moon magic book but it's been so crazy lately and when I get home from work I'm not interested in doing too much. I need to change that!

200 - Special Edition - New Years Spell Bags

Friday, January 14, 2011

I've been following her on Youtube and I've come across this idea and I think I'd really like to use it during a sabbat celebration or esbat. I know she uses the idea for the new year but I think the idea can be great for any time of the year.

How to Make Plarn

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's currently snowing here in good ole West Virginia so we've stayed in all evening. I've had a  bag of plastic bags sitting on my table for several weeks now that were meant to go to work with me. I use a lot of plastic bags at work, but I've already got too many to handle. I've been crocheting for a few months now and often thought about using those plastic bags to try my hand at making plarn, or rather plastic yarn. It's a great way to recycle, it's cheap and frugal and plarn can be used to make place mats, rugs, and bags.

Since it's been snowing lately and the ground is wet, I hate tracking around my place in wet shoes. I decided that I could just make a plarn rug to place our shoes on. So I set to work this evening cutting up some of the bags and tying them up to make the yarn. I've only finished a few rows so far and it's a bit harder to crochet with but I like the progress I've made. If only I can continue to keep up with it so I can finish it before Winter ends.

So if you're like me and tend to collect a lot of plastic bags, and can crochet, even just a few simple stitches this will be something great to do that can be used around the house.

Here's a pretty good video on making plarn if you're interested!

How to Make Plarn

My book of Shadows

Sunday, January 9, 2011

When I started this journal, one of my main goals was to have an online portal where I could post interesting things I found online relating to Paganism and Goddess worship so I could make my life easier with travel. I could have my own online reference which would make my life easier. I wouldn't have to lug a book around. I could just open up my computer and go.

Well tonight I actually broke down and began to work on my book of shadows, the real life one, not the internet one. I printed off some ritual ideas and I eventually plan on getting them into the binder. They're currently sitting on the printer still. I've had to shower and what not, work on getting ready for the work week so I slacked for a few moments. I suppose I could still put them in before bed as I won't end up going until after midnight.

Sometimes I do enjoy popping online and getting my information. It's nice not having to waste paper/trees just to keep stuff around. Sometimes though, I lose information and it's nice just being able to pull out my own book and use it for ritual and spell purposes.

Well I guess I am going to pull out some chamomile tea and put those papers in my BOS. Have a wonderful week everyone!

A Quartz Crystal Healing Spell

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I found this spell a few years ago. It's quite simple and is best performed on yourself. For this spell, you'll need two single pointed quartz crystals that have been cleansed, a bed or other comfortable surface which to lay and yourself.

Sit down and place one quartz pointing upwards below your feet. Lay down and place the other quartz above your head pointing down. Relax and feel the healing energy of the crystals beginning to work. Run the energy through your body and focus on your chakra's. See/feel the crystals breaking up bad, stagnant and any illnesses that are lingering. Continue to run the energy until everything feels clear or until you are tired.

Come back to awareness, ground energy. Immediately take the crystals and place them under running water to cleanse them. Then, place them in sunlight or moonlight to help remove what may be left and recharge them. Do this as often as needed.

Quadrantid Meteor Shower TONIGHT!

Monday, January 3, 2011

I really enjoy things like eclipses, meteor showers and the like but I missed the Yule eclipse last year because I had to work the next day and I would have been in a terrible mood if I hadn't slept.

Well I was just made aware that there is a meteor  shower tonight. So get some hot chocolate, bundle up and get ready to head outside, if at least for alittle while. It was pretty clear here earlier so I'm hoping it stays clear so I can walk outside and take some peaks.

I found a great website to check out for information if anyone is interested. Spacedex 2011 Quadrantids Meteor Shower .

Fire Safety-An Important life Skill

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I feel a bit strange writing this here but after today I'm reminded that it is important and that everyone in a home needs to be taught what to do if something arises.

When I awoke today, I smelled something strange and after investigating a bit more, I noticed that I saw smoke. When I opened my door, the hallway was filled with the smell of something burning and smoke, so was the rest of the house. My mother was still asleep and had no idea anything was going on. After frantically running around for a moment, I discovered where it was coming from, and thankfully, it was long out, but the place was filled with smoke.

I've had to go through fire safety training at work and that training has included how to use a fire extinguisher and what not. I think if possible, this would be a great family resolution for the new year. Even kids can learn how to use a fire extinguisher and it could be something that would save someone's life one day.

Also make it a point to go over your fire safety plan for your home. Come up with a meeting place in case something happens that is easily accessible but is far enough away from the house in case something happens. You may think it's strange but it's really never too late to be safe rather than sorry.

The New Year's clean up

Saturday, January 1, 2011

One thing that I've really hoped to work on for some time now was to work on cleaning out my home. I've been splitting my time between two homes. One where I'm from, where the majority of my stuff is and then one where I live when I work. The one where I live really needs a lot of help. My family are mostly pack rats, and since the passing of my grandmother, my grandfather isn't too keen on trying to get rid of things.

I personally have a lot of things that I can work on getting rid of. I have plenty of clothes that can stand being boxed up and donated. My room, although it doesn't contain a lot of things, really needs to be organized. I have stuff all over the place and have no room to really place anything other than what's already there. I can't really comfortably burn candles, incense or just do anything.

I took a few days off from work and I hopefully plan on organizing my room and seeing if I can gather anything together to donate. Also, I'd really like to clean out my car. It has a lot of things in there that really need to be gotten rid of. I personally keep the car rather clean but my partner has a tendency to shove things in there and leave them. I hate cleaning up other people's messes so I tend to leave them there. However I think I'll end up cleaning it out and next time, it's not my problem.

I always say I have plans when I get time off from work but I never get around to doing it. I really hope I can push myself to do it because it needs done. Of course, it's going to be a bit harder to organize my room because I now have a brand new 32 inch TV that I really didn't plan on acquiring. So that means more stuff is on my one dresser so it's more stuff to worry about moving around.