My book of Shadows

Sunday, January 9, 2011

When I started this journal, one of my main goals was to have an online portal where I could post interesting things I found online relating to Paganism and Goddess worship so I could make my life easier with travel. I could have my own online reference which would make my life easier. I wouldn't have to lug a book around. I could just open up my computer and go.

Well tonight I actually broke down and began to work on my book of shadows, the real life one, not the internet one. I printed off some ritual ideas and I eventually plan on getting them into the binder. They're currently sitting on the printer still. I've had to shower and what not, work on getting ready for the work week so I slacked for a few moments. I suppose I could still put them in before bed as I won't end up going until after midnight.

Sometimes I do enjoy popping online and getting my information. It's nice not having to waste paper/trees just to keep stuff around. Sometimes though, I lose information and it's nice just being able to pull out my own book and use it for ritual and spell purposes.

Well I guess I am going to pull out some chamomile tea and put those papers in my BOS. Have a wonderful week everyone!

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