A Quartz Crystal Healing Spell

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I found this spell a few years ago. It's quite simple and is best performed on yourself. For this spell, you'll need two single pointed quartz crystals that have been cleansed, a bed or other comfortable surface which to lay and yourself.

Sit down and place one quartz pointing upwards below your feet. Lay down and place the other quartz above your head pointing down. Relax and feel the healing energy of the crystals beginning to work. Run the energy through your body and focus on your chakra's. See/feel the crystals breaking up bad, stagnant and any illnesses that are lingering. Continue to run the energy until everything feels clear or until you are tired.

Come back to awareness, ground energy. Immediately take the crystals and place them under running water to cleanse them. Then, place them in sunlight or moonlight to help remove what may be left and recharge them. Do this as often as needed.


Anonymous said...

This is a great way to cleanse the chakras. I also will take stones that mesh well with each chakra (Red Jasper for Root, Carnelian for Sacral...etc.) and lay them on me then cleanse them.

Thanks for the post.

Unknown said...
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BoondockWitch said...

Awesome friend! you have a charming blog here and i hope to see more of it! keep up the great writing doll! Stay Crafty!!