Waning Moon: Let's get cleansing!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

One thing I haven't done in awhile is a cleansing on our apartment. I try to do one every few months to keep this place from accumulating too many crazy energies, especially since my partner and I tend to bring in a lot of stress.

So today, I went through and did a pretty basic cleansing. I sprinkled salt water around our place focusing on removing negative energies.  Then, I focused on our doors and windows to help keep things out.  When I was finished, I went to each door and window and drew the pentagram with my wand. Then I say a little chant. This can be something you've made up, or one based upon protection. I see the pentagram burning brightly, protecting our place and then I move on.

Other times when I cleanse, especially if I feel like there is too much crazy energy, I'll take a broom and 'sweep' up the energy. I don't actually make contact with anything, but I see the nasty, black energy sweeping into piles. I condense this into one giant pile, open the door and push it out, seeing the energy dissipating into the air.  Then I'll follow up with salt water, and pentagram blessings.

When all was said and done today, I light a stick of incense on the altar. Oh, and I made sure to clean up the altar space too. That definitely needed some brushing up.

Enjoy your sunday!

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Unknown said...

Your post has reminded me I'm so behind on some space cleansing. Doesn't it feel so much better when it's done too. Know what I should be doing tomorrow lol!