It's beginning to look like Spring..and I'm being lazy

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I arrived home from my business trip on Friday evening. It was about 6'o'clock when I finally pulled into my parking lot. Thankfully I was dropped off in our rental car so no one had to make a trip across town to come get me in the already terrible traffic because there was a concert at the coliseum that evening.

The trip went by pretty fast, the conferences were OK, some were more enjoyable than others obviously. The trip itself wasn't as terrible as I expected it to be. There were a few moments that were terrible, like waiting over an hour to recieve our food in a restaurant that was less than packed and  waitress that seemed to disappear. Other than that, it wasn't terrible. We could walk to our conference building. We could walk to the mall (it was right across the street). Speaking of which, we went shopping at the mall on Thursday evening. They had a pretty large toy store that isn't a chain store and we went browsing. A bunch of early childhood teachers, we had to stop in the toy store. They had a huge display of stuffed animals as soon as you walked in the door. As I was browsing, I came across a small display of dragons. My partner loves dragons so I purchased a green one.

The weather today is lovely. It's screaming spring. It's 60 degrees and here I am inside being lazy. I haven't felt like going out since I've been home so I haven't gone anwwhere. It's nice after traveling to just stay in. I like being lazy after traveling for several days. I like avoiding people as much as I can too. Sometimes it's just nice to be a solitary creature. However, once spring officially arrives I think I'll start being outside more. I think I'm catching Spring fever.

Away from Blog

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm leaving town tomorrow afternoon and heading to a conference for work. I'll be attending with three other women from work and as such, I'll be away from the internet for a few days. I'll be back sometime on Friday evening. It still sucks though that I'll be away from home for so long.

I don't mind to travel but I definitely prefer traveling with a more close knit group of people, as in people that I'm pretty familiar with. I've worked with these woman for almost two years, so I do know them I'm just not that friendly with them, they're not family and they're not my partner so I'm definitely uncomfortable in that aspect. It will be a pretty long two days, even though I know, in retrospect it will actually be a short two days. Tomorrow evening will be an evening spent getting used to being there. Thursday will be full of conferences, and then Friday, we'll attend some classes and then we're checking out and heading home. There will be so much to do, I know it actually won't feel like two days. It'll all be over rather fast. It's just a pain having to spend so much time with some people that really don't want to get along with others. 

I have a plan to keep me occupied during my downtimes though. I will be taking my ipod and my kindle so I can read, play some games or do some light internet surfing if I can get around free net access. It shall be an interesting experience!

A Fruit Dip Recipe

Sunday, February 20, 2011

We went shopping at Aldi's yesterday evening and we came  back with a fresh pineapple. We don't get them often because they're usually pretty expensive but Aldi's has stuff considerably cheaper so we ended up coming back with a pineapple. We ate some of the fruit last night after dinner.  After I had already eaten my pineapple, I thought man I'd really like to have some fruit dip to eat with this but I never got any. 
This dip is divine and tastes great with summer fruit. It's very cooling, but delicious all at the same time. You'll need:
1 sm. container of cream cheese
1 sm. jar of marshmallow cream
Almond extract

Soften the cream cheese and mix the cream cheese and marshmallow cream together. Then add your almond extract. You'll only need a few drops of this. It's best to taste as you go to make sure it doesn't become over powering. Then serve with your favorite fruit! My favorites are strawberries and pineapple.

The Flu Bug

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So I've been absent for a few days because I sadly became sick over the weekend. I had gone home on Friday so I could talk to my insurance company about my new insurance policy and to cancel my old one. As the evening wore on, I had a cough that continued to get worse. When I woke up on Saturday, I felt miserable. I was achey, coughing, stuffy nose, and I was pretty sure I had a fever. I handled my insurance policy and went home and went to bed.

I suffered for hours. I took fever reducers but it didn't seem like they actually helped any. I could barely get out of bed so I just managed to do what needed done in short bursts. I even tried drinking lots of chamomile tea to help with inflammation but no such luck. I came back to town on Sunday but my partner drove because I was still miserable.

I've been off of work since. My fever finally broke on Tuesday morning, and I went to the doctor yesterday evening because I have this cough that won't leave and I've got congestion in my lungs. So I'm on antibiotics, a cough medicine and one last day off from work. I return tomorrow. I'm both glad and not interested. I'm bored but I know I'll probably be exhausted because I've been so miserable at night, I can't stop coughing enough to fall asleep.

In other news, the weather has been rather nice lately. It's almost 60 degress here right now. It's not sunny or anything, it's actually quite cloudy, but it's refreshing. I have a window open in hopes to help air this place out a bit. I can hear birds chirping. I heard birds chirping this morning when I woke up. I'm ready for Spring. I can't wait until all of these crazy winter illnesses are gone and I can stop getting sick!

Planning our Garden

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My partner and I live in an apartment. And it's a small apartment. We don't have a balcony, we have a sidewalk, a walkway behind our building of which we have to share with the tennants at the other end of the building. So far, each set of tennats that have moved in have been pretty good so we haven't had to worry about much but we still have to make sure there is plenty of room on our walkway so we can walk and so others can walk.

We've grown tomatoes and peppers kind of successfully the past two years but I personally would like to get more yield from our plants. We're solely container gardener's so it's hard to grow a lot of successful plants that way. However, I discovered container varities of vegetable seeds from Burpee Seeds and I think I'm going to place an order. I've heard some pretty grand things about their container seed varities so I think I'm going to put in a seed order here soon so we can be ready to start them when it's about the right time. I'm excited. I'm not much of a gardener. However I'm definitely looking to save money on vegetables.

I just got a new car and my insurance is going to skyrocket compared to what I normally pay so I'm really interested in trying to save money. We tend to eat a lot of vegetables and they're so expensive. So I'm hoping that I can successfully grow some great things. I think I'll document the journey of growing these patio vegetables at some point. I haven't decided when I'm going to place my order but I think it will be quite soon. I want to get everything and start looking into everything so I can make this a pretty successful growing season.

Have any of you started planning your garden's yet? Anyone else out there container gardener's? Garden Witchery: Magick from the Ground Up

Mother Nature

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I was starting to feel like Spring was on the horizon but it seems like Mother Nature had another story.

Today has been a crazy mix of weather. First it started off with freezing rain and it was foggy. It was chilly but not entirely cold. It was bearable. I had to run some errands so once we got back and relaxed, we noticed that it was starting to get sunny. Then the sun went away and it became cloudy again.

Next thing we know, it's sleeting, thundering and lightning. Then the wind hit. It's cold and extremely windy out right now. I sure hope it starts to get better so tomorrow's trip is an easy one. Sadly, we still have quite some time to go before Spring.

Imbolc Wishes!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I woke up today feeling pretty good. I could see light outside. That was refreshing. When I walked outside it was warm, and light. I can't believe I actually saw light! I was excited. It screamed Spring and I felt pretty good about my day. Then as the day wore on, I got depressed. The sun drifted away, it became cloudy, and now it's cold and snowing again. That's OK, Phil and our local groundhog French Creek Freddie didn't see their shadows, so come on early Spring!

I did a small ritual this evening. We ate some cookie creation that we made from a recipe. They were pretty tasty. We have some pudding in the fridge that I'll probably break into a bit later. I'm quite excited though. I can feel Spring and the warmer months coming! This also makes the second sabbat in a row I've celebrated which means I'm well on my way to attuning more to the seasons. And, this also makes me more excited for Ostara.

Imbolc Blessings everyone!

Imbolc Altar 2011

Imbolc Eve

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So I haven't put as much planning into Imbolc as I did Yule. That's OK I suppose. I have a general plan. I plan on using a ritual from About.Com but slightly modified. You can see that ritual here. This ritual is considered a solitary rite but can be easily modified.

I may end up making a Brighid's cross or two. There are lots of resources out there for information on making one, but I tend to make mine a bit differently. I take old Yule/Christmas cards and cut up the covers to add some decoration, plus I get to recycle. Here is just one tutorial on making a Brighid's Cross if you are interested. If I make any however I'll probably work on those tonight so I can place them tomorrow or use them as altar decorations.

We've already cleaned up a bit even though this place could use a bit more. I think tonight I'm going to leave some bread out for Brighid (a custom that I cannot remember where I found it). I might clean up my altar tonight and prepare it for tomorrow so it's one less thing I'll have to worry about tomorrow evening.

I don't have any meal ideas in mind and I probably should. There is still time however to decide if I want to pop out to get anything or not. What are you serving?