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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm leaving town tomorrow afternoon and heading to a conference for work. I'll be attending with three other women from work and as such, I'll be away from the internet for a few days. I'll be back sometime on Friday evening. It still sucks though that I'll be away from home for so long.

I don't mind to travel but I definitely prefer traveling with a more close knit group of people, as in people that I'm pretty familiar with. I've worked with these woman for almost two years, so I do know them I'm just not that friendly with them, they're not family and they're not my partner so I'm definitely uncomfortable in that aspect. It will be a pretty long two days, even though I know, in retrospect it will actually be a short two days. Tomorrow evening will be an evening spent getting used to being there. Thursday will be full of conferences, and then Friday, we'll attend some classes and then we're checking out and heading home. There will be so much to do, I know it actually won't feel like two days. It'll all be over rather fast. It's just a pain having to spend so much time with some people that really don't want to get along with others. 

I have a plan to keep me occupied during my downtimes though. I will be taking my ipod and my kindle so I can read, play some games or do some light internet surfing if I can get around free net access. It shall be an interesting experience!

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