Imbolc Eve

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So I haven't put as much planning into Imbolc as I did Yule. That's OK I suppose. I have a general plan. I plan on using a ritual from About.Com but slightly modified. You can see that ritual here. This ritual is considered a solitary rite but can be easily modified.

I may end up making a Brighid's cross or two. There are lots of resources out there for information on making one, but I tend to make mine a bit differently. I take old Yule/Christmas cards and cut up the covers to add some decoration, plus I get to recycle. Here is just one tutorial on making a Brighid's Cross if you are interested. If I make any however I'll probably work on those tonight so I can place them tomorrow or use them as altar decorations.

We've already cleaned up a bit even though this place could use a bit more. I think tonight I'm going to leave some bread out for Brighid (a custom that I cannot remember where I found it). I might clean up my altar tonight and prepare it for tomorrow so it's one less thing I'll have to worry about tomorrow evening.

I don't have any meal ideas in mind and I probably should. There is still time however to decide if I want to pop out to get anything or not. What are you serving?

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