Imbolc Wishes!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I woke up today feeling pretty good. I could see light outside. That was refreshing. When I walked outside it was warm, and light. I can't believe I actually saw light! I was excited. It screamed Spring and I felt pretty good about my day. Then as the day wore on, I got depressed. The sun drifted away, it became cloudy, and now it's cold and snowing again. That's OK, Phil and our local groundhog French Creek Freddie didn't see their shadows, so come on early Spring!

I did a small ritual this evening. We ate some cookie creation that we made from a recipe. They were pretty tasty. We have some pudding in the fridge that I'll probably break into a bit later. I'm quite excited though. I can feel Spring and the warmer months coming! This also makes the second sabbat in a row I've celebrated which means I'm well on my way to attuning more to the seasons. And, this also makes me more excited for Ostara.

Imbolc Blessings everyone!

Imbolc Altar 2011


Anonymous said...

Belated Imbolc wishes to you.

As an aside, I have that statue of the redhead in the green dress. She always sits on my Litha and Lammas altars : ) Love her!

Traci said...

I actually modified her dress quite a bit not long after I got her. I repainted parts of it to make it more my own.