It's beginning to look like Spring..and I'm being lazy

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I arrived home from my business trip on Friday evening. It was about 6'o'clock when I finally pulled into my parking lot. Thankfully I was dropped off in our rental car so no one had to make a trip across town to come get me in the already terrible traffic because there was a concert at the coliseum that evening.

The trip went by pretty fast, the conferences were OK, some were more enjoyable than others obviously. The trip itself wasn't as terrible as I expected it to be. There were a few moments that were terrible, like waiting over an hour to recieve our food in a restaurant that was less than packed and  waitress that seemed to disappear. Other than that, it wasn't terrible. We could walk to our conference building. We could walk to the mall (it was right across the street). Speaking of which, we went shopping at the mall on Thursday evening. They had a pretty large toy store that isn't a chain store and we went browsing. A bunch of early childhood teachers, we had to stop in the toy store. They had a huge display of stuffed animals as soon as you walked in the door. As I was browsing, I came across a small display of dragons. My partner loves dragons so I purchased a green one.

The weather today is lovely. It's screaming spring. It's 60 degrees and here I am inside being lazy. I haven't felt like going out since I've been home so I haven't gone anwwhere. It's nice after traveling to just stay in. I like being lazy after traveling for several days. I like avoiding people as much as I can too. Sometimes it's just nice to be a solitary creature. However, once spring officially arrives I think I'll start being outside more. I think I'm catching Spring fever.

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