Mother Nature

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I was starting to feel like Spring was on the horizon but it seems like Mother Nature had another story.

Today has been a crazy mix of weather. First it started off with freezing rain and it was foggy. It was chilly but not entirely cold. It was bearable. I had to run some errands so once we got back and relaxed, we noticed that it was starting to get sunny. Then the sun went away and it became cloudy again.

Next thing we know, it's sleeting, thundering and lightning. Then the wind hit. It's cold and extremely windy out right now. I sure hope it starts to get better so tomorrow's trip is an easy one. Sadly, we still have quite some time to go before Spring.

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Anonymous said...

We had dinner at a restaurant on the water last night. It was a beautiful view of the water with the boats all docked. In our 90 minutes of dining, by the time we left the fog was a thick as pea soup. It took us 10minutes longer than usual to get home, but it was just so beautiful to watch the fog form.