Blessed Ostara!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

How is everyone' s Ostara? Good I hope.

Here in my abode we've baked what the packaging calls Easter cookies but I'm going with Ostara cookies. I found some really cute sugar cookies that have symbols of the season printed on them. Bunnies, eggs, and bright colors.

The partner has been cooking. So far we have cornbread, a vegetable gratin that smells delicious and I can't wait to try and chicken is baking as well. 

Candles of Green, Yellow and Purple burn on the altar.

We did a small ritual. The candles are still burning on the altar. Excuse the crappy picture, I had to use my phone as I haven't bought another camera battery. The cookie is our offering. Best to use something you're consuming yourself! The ritual was from About. Com's Pagan site but slightly modified to suit my needs.

Blessed Ostara everyone.

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Anonymous said...

What a pretty altar. Sounds like a good meal with loved ones, what else could one ask for to ring in the Spring.