The Great Clean-out-Day One

Friday, January 4, 2013

So I thought about it. I sat and for an hour or so I thought about cleaning, organizing and getting rid of things. I hate to admit it, but I'm a packrat. I tend to keep things that I know in the deep recesses of my mind will probably not be needed or will never be used again. I tend to keep boxes from products that I buy.

After reading my post, my partner decided that a cleaning out was in order. After taking down our Yule tree, we began tackling the closet. So here it is folks, for those of you interested in following along or doing your own clean-out.

Start with the hidden storage spaces. Closets, shelves, under your bed. Clean these spaces out. I tend to store things away in these places because they're mostly hidden and out of the way. I know that if someone comes over to visit, they won't see the things that are stored here. The only one that can is my partner and I. However, these things, just like everything else take up space.

They collect dust. They are just things that we hold on to for one reason or the other. They're unnecessary baggage, especially if you are trying to live a clutter free life. Physical clutter leads to emotional clutter and negative energy.

So on day one of the clean out, go through every box. Look at every single piece of paper. Is it a year or more old? Is it really that important? How about those appliances that you replaced with something better but never thought to get rid of the old one. Now is the time! I feel better already with what we've gotten rid of.

The good thing about this is, you can take as long in this process as you need to. Take one closet a day. Take a few days. Take it at your own pace. When you're finished, you'll be amazed at how much better you truly feel.

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