The Great Clean-Out Day Three

Monday, January 14, 2013

Now that we've gotten rid of the clutter, it's time to rearrange your space!

The problem with our spaces is, they tend to collect energy. When your space doesn't move, when things aren't cleaned, all of that energy tends to build up. If you've been wanting to move your space around, now is the time to do it! Take the time to plan it though; you don't want to rearrange 10 times before you realize that the first time you moved things, is what you liked the best!

We rearranged our living room. I can't believe the difference that this made. Instead of having several shelves cluttering the floor, giving us little space in our already teeny, tiny living quarters, we not have a living room that almost looks twice as big. It really opened things up. The only thing we did was move around a few shelves, stack a few shelves and lift up the TV and tada! Instant open space.

Once you start moving things around, the energy that's been lurking in dark corners starts to become stirred up. It begins moving again. Both you and your space become re-energized. Try it, you might be surprised at the results!

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