Spring is (hopefully) coming!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The sun is shining. It is usually shining or at least starting to shine by the time I arrive at work in the morning. The birds are back and are happily chirping as they forage for food. I can feel Spring in the air, even if it's usually 40 degrees and very cold/windy every single day.

As the FB says, we began our planting almost a week ago. Things are already starting to sprout! We're debating on getting a raised garden bed to place outside of our apartment. It would certainly make our lives easier. The best part? We can take it with us if/when we ever decide to leave. If we ever take the leap I'll be sure to update in a post with pictures. 

For the most part, things have gone rather smoothly. There has been some troubles at work but things have continued to run smoothly after the offender has gone. In matters of family, things have gone OK. They're not the best but they're OK. I'm not sure how to make things better honestly, especially considering some people will just NOT get along despite my best efforts to make it so. Also, some people just cannot listen to advice even though the advice would really help their current situations. It's frustrating and something I need to work on personally; understanding that I cannot fix everything or people and situations. I guess I grew up a fixer. 

On the spiritual front. I have slacked. Honestly, I don't always feel like I have the time and personally, I do not always have the energy to think or do. Understandably, I get that a healthy, well rounded individual includes a spirituality practice as well. One thing I have discovered however is the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Larger Fellowship online. I've toyed with UU worship for years. I know many Pagans attend UU churches while still maintaining their personal belief systems. The CLF holds Sunday worship sessions and occasional Wednesday sessions. In fact at 8PM EST tonight they're having a session. It's done online; so essentially a virtual church without walls. They fascinate me and so far have seemed like something I can tolerate. They are definitely something I wouldn't expect from a church.

I do have a local UU church just down the road for me. However, I think stepping foot into one will be the hardest part. I'm not always a social person and new situations make me uncomfortable so we'll see if I ever actually visit the UU church in town. Time will tell.  At least I have a chance to engage in spirituality in some form even if it's only online and once a week. I suppose it's almost like a spiritual battery recharge weekly. If you ever check into a UU online service, let me know what you think!

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