The Spring Awakening

Friday, April 5, 2013

Today was the first day where I truly felt that Spring was here. The sun was warm and shining brightly. The birds were chirping and the air, despite a slightly chilly breeze, was warm and inviting. It finally felt as if Spring had arrived and Mother Nature was inviting people out to come and join her, to enjoy her beauty and all of the things that were returning.

One thing I've noticed, especially since trying to attune myself with the seasons and the natural cycles of things, is that once Spring arrives, I feel different. I can feel myself shift out of the winter cycle and into the energy of Spring. I feel rejuvenated (even if I am tired); I feel ready to get out, to do more things. Spring always makes me want to get outside and enjoy the Mother, nature, trails. Anything nature is fair game when the weather turns to Spring.

I suppose, I feel awakened.

This is funny because as I reflected on how Spring made me feel today, I realized that the CLF's theme for their Sunday services is Awakening. I never took much stock in the themes. I never thought they would mean something to me. I just saw them as a reflection point really; something that probably would never strike a chord with me. How wrong I was! I have been awakened to a few other things as well, those matters however are just small personal issues that I'd rather not discuss in dealing with family but the point still remains; I had an awakening, even if it had to do with the cycles of the seasons.

This weather makes me want to get out and meditate in the sun. I think I would take advantage of it if the weather was slightly warmer and the sun was stronger. I've found that sun meditations rejuvenate me in ways other meditations cannot.

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