Snow Healing Spell

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Here in West Virginia, we were slammed with some snow today. It's pretty cold out and it's made travel today sort of interesting. Of course, we're still in winter so in the midst of cold and flu season. Here's a little spell I whipped up for healing.

You will need

  • One white candle (tea light, votive, chime, etc all work) and candle holder if needed
  • A bowl or other safe container to place snow in
  • Snow
  • Oil of your choice if you choose to use it

For this spell, collect fresh, untouched snow. So walk to an area of your yard where no one has walked in the snow. Scoop some up and take it inside and place it on your altar.

Ground and center yourself and then pick up the container of snow. Hold it in your hands and visualize the illness penetrating the snow. Continue this until you're tired,  or until you feel like it's enough. 

Place the snow back on your altar and if using an oil, anoint your candle and place it inside the container of snow. Visualize yourself healthy, how you'd feel if your illness were not there or an issue. See yourself happy and relaxed.  When you're ready, light the candle and visualize the melting snow taking with it your illness. As the snow melts, so does the illness, your worries, your anxieties, etc.

Leave the snow on your altar to melt and the candle to burn itself out if possible. Once finished, dispose of the water in your sink seeing all of the illness disappearing with it. Don't water plants with this! Throw the candle away.

This can be repeated as much as necessary to achieve your desired affect. 

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