Spring is coming!

Monday, March 6, 2017

I've been noticing a change in the mornings when I'm preparing for work. It's light out! It's a great feeling to wake up and not have it be dark out. It becomes a pain when you're waking every morning to pitch darkness and you're expected to be wide awake. I'm also seeing a return in our local bird population. We've been feeding them the past few weeks and they've definitely began to multiply.

I'm also excited because that means I can start letting the cat outside more with the warmer weather. Yeah, I said cat, I feel as if I forgot to mention that with my current updates. My girlfriend and I ended up getting a cat almost a year ago now when our upstairs neighbors moved. They had had for a few years and I feel thought she was a bit too unruly for them. They ended up with another cat anyway and our feline was particular and always getting into trouble and thrown outside. We fell in love with her because she visited us often, often staying in for the night because we felt bad for her because it was so cold.

She quickly went from being an almost outside the entire time cat, to an inside cat only. Now, we panic whenever she ends up outside. She quickly comes back so far but it makes me uncomfortable to toss her out. We still live in an apartment so I don't have a screened in porch option and I can't make her her own catio, even if I wish I could, so I invested in an KittyWalk from ebay. I'm currently waiting on it to arrive. When it does, I hope I can acclimate her to it easily and get her outside safely to enjoy the weather. I plan on adding to it slowly to give her more space to enjoy being outside.

I'm also ready for Spring because along with the change in season, I feel comes a change of feeling the need for renewal. I feel the change is easy to come by as everything is blooming and coming back for the Summer. It's not hard to make a change or become optimist when everything around you has reached its peak. I have been feeling quite stuck lately which has caused me some stress. We've lived in our current apartment for several years. I'm ready for something bigger, something that's actually ours but it's really hard to come by in this town, especially for a price that we can both afford on our salaries.

I just feel for my age (our age) we should be out by now, onto bigger and better things. It's very constricting and self limiting, as most of the idea is in my own head, but truthfully, I am ready for my own environment. One of which I can change or add to without relying on someone else and without someone else's restrictions. It's discouraging when those who are my age or slightly younger or older have purchased homes and seem to be living happily when I'd just love to have a second bedroom to use as an office! Not to mention more space for the cat to run, hence the KittyWalk that I've ordered. It all just seems like a crazy pipedream that will never happen at this rate.

Hopefully I will get to update you on how the KittyWalk goes in an effort to keep the feline safe.