The Ever Changing Tides of Spirituality

Saturday, March 24, 2018

My spirituality is something that I have struggled with the past few years. It's always been something in the back of my mind over the years, since I first began having my Pagan leanings when young but it was something I turned to quite often and did find some relief in when things were stressful.

Over the years, it's gotten harder and harder to acknowledge the spiritual side of things especially since I've had such a rough few years. I have wanted and craved a deeper spiritual connection to the world around me and to the people around me. It would be great to have a real world sanctuary to attend. There is a local UU fellowship to where I live but I'm not sure that congregation is the right fit for me. However, I have not attended services there so I'm not exactly sure of that.

However, the past few years, I would say I've struggled with my spiritual beliefs greatly. I've wanted a deeper spirituality that offers comfort and texts to offer that comfort when I'm feeling low or stressed. I've sought out things online and sought out spirituality in UU texts which has helped, but of course Unitarian Universalism uses 6 sources to gain inspiration from and that's helpful in times of need because you can turn to any of those sources for help and comfort.

So while I feel I need to say that Paganism isn't at the forefront of my spirituality at this point, I would say it still is something I draw inspiration from. I think it's important to note, I don't have a specific spirituality practice at this time or a certain leaning. I suppose I'm currently in the seeker stage, deciding what calls to my heart at this exact moment.

I have been focusing more on trying to attend CLFUU services online on Sundays to rededicate myself to a weekly spiritual practice. I've also been checking out more virtual places on Second Life to feed my soul.

I think this is why I find Unitarian Universalism to be so important in today's society. It allows seekers or those that find comfort in many sources to do so without feeling as if they are stuck or not believing correctly with their current religion.

I hope this is not upsetting to those that have been reading and following over the years. My mission is still the same, to share spiritual practices and a care and love for the environment in which we live, not to mention justice for those that live in our world. I just happen to find comfort in many spiritual areas and wish to share with others how they can too.

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