Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

For me, growing up, Easter was definitely more about the Easter Bunny than anything else. I always looked forward to that visit where I'd wake up in the morning to a great big basket full of treats and then a big family dinner later where I could sit down and visit with loved ones.

Now, as an adult, Easter is less about bunnies and baskets and more about, well, renewal. I can remember several times as a child where Easter was supposed to signal spring and instead, Easter morning brought along a cold, gray day with snow. However, not long after that, the snow was gone and instead was replaced by lovely spring flowers, green grass and leaves on trees.

Despite whatever your religious leanings, Easter is about renewal. Many look to Jesus as resurrection, others simply view this as spring, a time of change, a time for inner reflection.  And for me, that is what it's about, a time to change, a time to reflect and plant seeds of growth for the rest of the year, a time to think about what is important to you and your soul and what will help you change and grow yourself, well into the dark part of the year.

However you choose to see the day, enjoy it!